Search Engine Marketing is now much more complex and encompasses several channels including PPC, Google Shopping/PLA’s, Mobile, Display, Remarketing, etc.

With a proprietary programmatic platform and 15+ years of successful SEM experience, the Voltage solution is the perfect combination of
Technology + Team = Success.

PPC Management

Voltage s3 is a powerful automated tool that creates scale, efficiency and most importantly Growth in both Google AdWords and Bing Ads.  We don’t believe in ‘cookie cutter’ solutions and customize our strategy, tools and optimization based on a data driven approach.  Leveraging the data warehouse we build for each partner account, our clients see increased sales revenue coupled with enhanced ROI performance.

Voltage is certified with the Certified Agency Partner of both Google AdWords and Bing Ads with the highest API credentials awarded.  The Voltage s3 solution gives our clients a competitive edge.

Google Shopping Management (PLA’s)

Enterprise level technology meets dedicated hands on account management to successfully navigate both feed optimization in Merchant Center and automated bid management in AdWords.

As an Official Google Shopping Partner and having cut our teeth for over 15 years on data feed management, Voltage knows how to achieve maximum visibility and review at the Product Level.


Mobile isn’t coming…it’s here. Now. With over 50% of all search queries happening on a mobile device, let Voltage help you intelligently grow your mobile revenue with our powerful s3 platform.  Our team can grow both top and bottom line Mobile revenue. Mobile, we get it.

Display Advertising / Remarketing

Our approach allows our clients to ‘cast a wider net’ and reach top of funnel customers through smartly managed Display Ads that deliver growth and fuel Remarketing campaigns that reach new customers.  A Voltage managed Display/Remarketing campaign turn browsers into buyers.

Social Media

Let Voltage Media help you find the successful intersection between generating exposure and delivering ROI. Our approach will help you stay relevant, market and remarket to both existing and new customers in Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. With proper blend of technology, crisp ads that are always fresh – so critical in a mobile landscape – and a strong Call to Action. The Voltage solution will deliver the perfect mix of funnel expansion, engagement and transactional action.

Video Marketing

Previously Video was seen as an awareness and engagement channel – which it still is – however, Voltage Media is using various approaches and tools to turn those audiences into conversions. Included in the Video campaigns for our clients on Google, YouTube, Facebook + Instagram we’re successfully leveraging video assets for Remarketing campaigns as well.

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