Performance Marketing Done Right.

Leveraging Data, AI and Human Strategists for Maximum Growth

Performance Marketing is now significantly more complex and encompasses several channels including PPC, Performance Max (Pmax), Video, Display + Remarketing.

With 19+ Years of experience in the digital ad space, the Voltage Media solution is the perfect combination of Technology + Team = Success.

PPC Management

Voltage s3 is a powerful automated tool that creates scale, efficiency and most importantly Growth in both Google AdWords and Bing Ads.  We don’t believe in ‘cookie cutter’ solutions and customize our strategy, tools and optimization based on a data driven approach. 

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Google Shopping Management

Enterprise-level technology meets dedicated hands-on account management to successfully navigate both customized feed optimization in Merchant Center and advanced segmentation for maximum exposure and sales revenue.

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Mobile isn’t coming…it’s here. Now. With over 50% of all search queries happening on a mobile device, let Voltage help you intelligently grow your mobile revenue with our powerful s3 platform.  Our team can grow both top and bottom line Mobile revenue.  Mobile, we get it.

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Advertising / Remarketing

Our approach allows our clients to reach their customers in every part of the funnel through smartly managed Display Ads that deliver growth and fuel Remarketing campaigns that reach new customers.

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Video Marketing

Previously Video was seen as an awareness and engagement channel – which it still is – however, Voltage Media is using various approaches and tools to turn those audiences into conversions. Included in the Video campaigns for our clients on Google, YouTube, Facebook + Instagram we’re successfully leveraging video assets for Remarketing campaigns as well.

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STEP 1: Partnering

+Audit – Our team performs account audit to honestly assess growth opportunities

+Diligence – Then we perform our due diligence to confirm our audit findings to ensure a mutual alignment of goals

+Agreement – If determined to be a good fit we partner with you on a pilot program to immediately roll up our sleeves and get to work

Timeline:  3 – 5 Days

STEP 2: Goals + Strategy

+Business Objectives – Our team begins to uncover primary business objectives and ROI targets

+Goals – We begin to assemble various milestones based on internal partner goals and assemble a timeline

+The Plan – Our team creates the plan to achieve goals and hammer the competition

Timeline:  5-7 Days

STEP 3: Execution

+Datafeed – Retrieve datafeed from retail clients for inclusion and optimization in PPC + PLA

+Crawl – Our tech team will write custom crawler to grab all category & sub-cat content for inclusion and lift

+Reorg – Our team will reorganize account structure where necessary to maximize performance

+Testing – Test all the variables on our programmatic s3 platform to be more cost effective

+ROI –  Turn the levers both programmatically and at manual level to move the needle on ROI

Timeline:  first 30 days

STEP 4: Expansion

+Measurement – We measure the lift to each of your KPI’s for further growth

+Feedback Loop – Our self-learning solution will utilize all data points to accelerate growth

+Profit Maximization – Voltage s3 will increase both top line and bottom line revenue

+Channel Expansion – We are a Tier1 beta partner and regularly whitelist our clients for new programs with Google, Bing, Amazon, Yahoo, etc.

+Evergreen – We will never stop working for you – applying all necessary technology and account management to continually move the needle.

Timeline:  30-60+ days (ongoing)

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